#38 Synesthesia

March 1, 2021 admin 0

Some people perceive colors when they see certain words, letters or numbers, and some people experience geometric shapes as associated with certain tastes. These are […]

#37 Behavioral Addiction

February 1, 2021 admin 0

Kim and Jim take a deep dive into the topic of behavioral addiction. What is behavioral addiction? Can you be addicted to food? What about […]

#36 Dreams

January 1, 2021 admin 0

Kim interviews Jim about dreams. What are dreams and why did we evolve to have them? Are dreams symbolic representations of events in our lives? […]

#35 Depression

December 1, 2020 admin 0

Jim interviews Kim about Depression. What exactly is Depression, and how many people have it? What’s the difference between being depressed, and being diagnosed with […]

#34 Personality Disorders

November 1, 2020 admin 0

Dr.┬áKim Hellemans interviews Dr. O. Pete Kelly about personality disorders. What are personality disorders and what are some common symptoms? What does therapy look like […]

#32 Sleep

September 1, 2020 admin 0

Kim and Jim discuss how sleep relates to the mind and the brain. Why did sleep evolve? What is the function of dreaming? How do […]

#30 Student Mental Health

July 1, 2020 admin 0

Jim interviews Kim about the important topic of student mental health. What is the impact of substances of like alcohol and marijuana, on mental health? […]

#29 Climate Change Psychology

May 31, 2020 admin 0

Jim, Kim and special guest, Florence Daviet, CPAWS’ National Forest Program Director, discuss the important topic of climate change. What is the best way to […]