#6: Old Drugs, New Uses

Can cannabis products be used to treat epilepsy? Can ketamine be used to treat depression? For this episode we’ve partnered with the Canadian Museum of Nature in conjunction with their special exhibition, Brain: The Inside Story, to discuss some fascinating new uses for old drugs. In this episode, Dr. Jim Davies and Dr. Kim Hellemans interview two experts, Dr Erick Sell and Dr. Pierre Blier, about their fascinating new research. Don’t miss this episode of Minding the Brain!

Brain: The Inside Story will be at the Canadian Museum of Nature until September 3rd, 2018, so be sure to check it out if you’re in the Ottawa area: https://nature.ca/en/plan-your-visit/what-see-do/our-exhibitions/brain-inside-story

If you’d like to hear more about the work of Dr Erick Sell and Dr. Pierre Blier, they will be giving a talk titled Old Drugs, New Methods at the Canadian Museum of Nature on July 5th, so be sure to click here to reserve your free spot at this talk: https://nature.ca/en/plan-your-visit/what-see-do/whats/old-drugs-new-uses

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