#57 Video Game Addiction

December 1, 2022 admin 0

Can someone get addicted to video games? Join Kim and Jim as they talk about the science of addiction as applied to video games. Featuring […]

#56 Video Games

November 1, 2022 admin 0

Do video games increase aggression? Are they addictive? Can video games make you smarter? Jim and Kim discuss the research on video games in this […]

#55 Caffeine

October 1, 2022 admin 0

Why did plants evolve to be caffeinated? When did humans start using caffeine? What are the benefits of caffeine? Can caffeine be dangerous and is […]

#53 Alcohol

August 1, 2022 admin 0

Alcohol is, by far, the most commonly used addictive drug, but how much do you really know about it? How does alcohol interact with the […]

#50 Happiness

May 1, 2022 admin 0

Jim Davies and Darren McKee talk about happiness. What is happiness? What does science say about how people can be happier? Find out the answers […]

#49 Eastern and Western Thinking

April 1, 2022 admin 0

Jim interviews Dr. Richard E. Nisbett about Eastern and Western thinking. What are the differences between Eastern and Western thinking? How do economic differences impact […]

#48 Pain

March 1, 2022 admin 0

Kim interviews Michael Hildebrand about the topic of pain. Does everyone experience pain the same way? Why do we experience pain? Is there such a […]