#71 Nutritional Neuroscience

March 1, 2024 admin 0

Kim interviews Orsha Magyar about the emerging field of nutritional neuroscience. How can we combat nutritional pseudoscience on social media? Are there such things as […]

#69 AI & Existential Risk

January 1, 2024 admin 0

Jim interviews Darren McKee, author of Uncontrollable: The Threat of Artificial Superintelligence and the Race to Save the World. What are the long-term dangers of […]

#68 Eating Disorders

December 1, 2023 admin 0

Jim interviews Kim about the topic of eating disorders. They discuss clinical and behavioral symptoms of anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, and the […]

#66 Money and Spending

October 1, 2023 admin 0

Jim interviews Johanna Peetz about money and spending. Why does money cause so many problems in relationships? What does the research say about how best […]

#64 Animal Consciousness

August 1, 2023 admin 0

Are other animals conscious? Why is animal consciousness important to understand? What function does consciousness serve? Take a deep dive into the fascinating world of […]