#5: Concussions

For this episode we’ve partnered with the Canadian Museum of Nature in conjuncture with their special exhibition, Brain: The Inside Story, for an in depth discussions of concussions. In this episode, Dr. Jim Davies and Dr. Kim Hellemans interview two experts on the topic of concussions, Andree-Anne Ledoux, a Research Associate at Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and Dr. Matt Holahan, a neuroscience professor at Carleton University. We also hear the story of Nina Nesdoly, someone who has personally experienced the potentially life-changing impact of suffering a concussion. Don’t miss this special episode of Minding the Brain!

Brain: The Inside Story will be at the Canadian Museum of Nature until September 3rd, 2018, so be sure to check it out if you’re in the Ottawa area: https://nature.ca/en/plan-your-visit/what-see-do/our-exhibitions/brain-inside-story

If you’d like to go deeper on the important topic of concussions, Andree-Anne Ledoux will be giving a talk on pediatric concussions at the Canadian Museum of Nature on July 5th, so be sure to click here to reserve your free spot at this talk: https://nature.ca/en/plan-your-visit/what-see-do/whats/pediatric-concussions

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